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A memo to the Baltimore Police Department: My brother is on the loose!

A message for the Baltimore Police Department: Please be on the lookout for my brother. He’s about 6-0, maybe 175 pounds. He is not armed but can be mildly dangerous if cornered. He also runs pretty fast. He doesn’t live in Baltimore, … Continue reading

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How Larry Craig ruined my Bon Jovi solo

I went to the gym the other day. I had to get my pump on, get HUGE. It takes a lot of work to attain a studly look like this. While I was in the shower, I gradually became aware of … Continue reading

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Fave five: Political campaign ads

It’s that time of year where it seems like 90 percent of television commercials involve one politician referring to another as a Bush clone, while another paints the original basher as the spawn of Satan. Don’t laugh, that one’s bound … Continue reading

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Republicans for slavery!

If you had a chance to interview a presidential candidate, what would you ask? If you are Whoopi Goldberg, and the candidate is John McCain, the answer is obvious: You ask if you should be worried about the return of … Continue reading

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First Georgia, now Russia marching on South Park

Russia, quite simply, has gone too far. Do what you will to the poor people of Georgia. Stoke the embers of the Cold War. Hog all the oil in Eastern Europe. But you better keep your dirty hands off South Park. Yep, the … Continue reading

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