When a refugee reviews Hungary on Yelp …


Our stay in Hungary so far has been an absolute delight!

We have been walking for a while, and this vacation across Europe has been a lot more tiring than we expected, but we have experienced nothing but kindness from the fine government which has so warmly received me and my family this week.

The welcoming party was particularly warm and attentive, as the camera woman immediately noticed the exhausted looks on our faces did not waste a moment helping us find a seat on the nice soft grass.

The accommodations were quite crowded to start, but the Hungarian officials were very proactive in finding space for all of us in the outdoor pens. They even threw food to us, free of charge! We tried not to fight each other for the scraps, and I’m pretty sure that at least the strongest among us got our fair share. As an added bonus, the food tasted just fine once we brushed off the dirt.

kidIt was admittedly a little bit cold at night, but there were so many of us in such a small area that there was plenty collective body heat to keep the hypothermia at bay.

We heard that the Hungarian Prime Minister was considering putting us in jail for entering the country illegally. This news brought us great joy, as rumor has it we will be transported by bus. It will be nice to get off our feet for a moment and we’re wondering if the bus will be heated. Fingers crossed!

Also, we realized we had forgotten our wallets — along with the rest of our belongings — in our haste to start our vacations. With no cash or credit cards on hand for a proper hotel, it is good to know we will have four walls around us and a roof over our heads.

We are also expecting that the likelihood of being beheaded or raped will be much reduced within the friendly confines of a Hungarian jail. Well, at least the likelihood of being beheaded. You can’t have it all.

So, with a complete lack of beheadings, a minimal amount of rapes, and even a little bit of free food, we’re going to have to rate Hungary four out of five stars!


About averagebob

Hi. My name is Bob and I'm an average guy. In fact, I'm about as average as they come. In school, my grades were decent, but not great. I'm pretty good at sports, when I'm competing against average athletes. And I'm definitely an overachiever -- at least when I don't have to work too hard at it. I've got a wife, two kids and a dog, and live in middle-class suburbia, where the average person looks -- more or less -- like me. Everyday, I see things that make me shake my average-sized, modestly quaffed head. With all the wackiness in the news and on the Internet, it's about time someone average got to give their take on the insanity, and inanity, of this world.
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3 Responses to When a refugee reviews Hungary on Yelp …

  1. Very solemn. When human lives are battered by the stormy issues that emanates from other humans, it can be sad and annoying as well. Lovely post.

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