Obama just got more controversial

Everyone makes mistakes, and this one is a doozy, courtesy of Terry Moran on ABC’s Nightline.

You think Sarah Palin had problems with her pregnant daughter and all sorts of other rumors flying around in the lefty blogosphere, let’s see what happens if any of the far right bloggers see this video and think it’s true.

This is indeed, Mr. Moran, a moment for the history books.

More fun found on the Web:

  • Football coach has teleconference with media. Reporters accidentally given phone sex line to call. “Wow coach, your voice sure sounds different over the phone!” (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Survey question: What would you do if you had a penis for a day? Results: Women would pretty much act like men. Clay Aiken refuses comment. (thefrisky.com)
  • First P Diddy rips McCain, now Lindsay Lohan has advice for Sarah Palin. Celebs just LOVE to talk politics. (UsWeekly)
  • Who knew Kid Rock would be the voice of reason? Politicians “should keep their mouth shut on politics.” (CMT Insider)

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