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Fave five: Political campaign ads

It’s that time of year where it seems like 90 percent of television commercials involve one politician referring to another as a Bush clone, while another paints the original basher as the spawn of Satan. Don’t laugh, that one’s bound … Continue reading

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Wall Street bailout? You first!

So House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she won’t support Bush’s $700 million bailout plan unless Republican legislators pledge their support. This according to a story on In related news, the neighbor dog says he won’t pee on the bush … Continue reading

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Hogan knows best: Voting is HAAARRD!

Clearly, Brooke Hogan is a political genius. Will she vote in the 2008 presidential election? Maybe not, at least until she gets more information. Like who’s running. Actually that’s not fair, the daughter of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, and a budding pseudo-celebrity … Continue reading

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Phelps on TV: A fish out of water

Anyone who watched Saturday Night Live’s season opener realized almost instantly that Michael Phelps, the guest host, simply isn’t cut out for this sort of thing. As brilliant as he was in the pool in Beijing, he was just as … Continue reading

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Fave five: Sports trophies

 They’re the symbols of greatness for which all great athletes yearn. No, not hot groupies and millions of dollars. The trophies you shallow fools! So what’s your favorite? Here are our fave five, ranked in order. 5. THE GREEN JACKET What: … Continue reading

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