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Cripple fight!

OK so it’s not quite South Park’s “Cripple Fight”, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. Actually, I’m thinking Timmy, or Jimmy woulda knocked these two guys out with little trouble. Enjoy! Advertisements

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When your friend really isn’t your friend

There are some rather obvious signs to look for when you suspect someone who professes to being your friend doesn’t really have your best interests at heart. When they steal someone important from you, such as a significant other. That’s always a clear … Continue reading

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A clean Olympics

The IOC and USOC are all primed and pumped up for the Beijing Olympics, which begin on Aug. 8th. And they’re especially excited (at least outwardly) at the prospect of putting on a drug-free Games. U.S. officials have even gone so … Continue reading

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Fly no more forever

Sadly, it has been confirmed, the balloon man is dead. My dream that he was just sunning himself on an island somewhere has been dashed and I am left only with the comfort of knowing that he did in the … Continue reading

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