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Madonna shocked by sex ritual … huh?!?

Who would’ve thought Madonna, the one-time mistress of musical shock and awe, could be shocked by sex? Alas, in a sign of the changing times, it’s true. Continue reading

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Update on the balloon man

Well the inevitable has come to pass, as the Brazilian navy has called off the search for the missing priest who thought it would be a good idea to raise money by floating in a chair suspended by hundreds of … Continue reading

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The NBA: Where shots to the nuts happen

David West (30) of the New Orleans Hornets found a unique way to clear the defense out of his way during Sunday’s win over the Dallas Mavericks. If ever there has been such a thing as an offensive foul, this would … Continue reading

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Don’t laugh: Balloon man floats to heaven

If I didn’t already make my reservation in hell by getting drunk at Disneyland years ago — it IS the happiest place on Earth! — I most certainly will with this post. Under the category of strange but true, a Catholic priest … Continue reading

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Danica Patrick is no Anna Kournikova

Well it’s official, finally. Danica Patrick can never, ever, ever be compared to Anna Kournikova. And that’s a good thing. Not to say there’s anything wrong with the woman who was once the celebrated bombshell of tennis. The woman who … Continue reading

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